We are a Polish brand of professional cosmetics based on Vegan formulas for body and nail care. The brand embraces conscious skincare, creating vegan cosmetics that are cruelty-free, with a short, proven, and effective list of ingredients. Our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients, and we also strive to use environmentally friendly packaging. We respect the world around us and produce cosmetics in a responsible manner.

Moreover, we offer our customers more than just a product.

We want those who choose us to be confident that they are receiving something in harmony with nature. Yokaba, in the production of cosmetics, employs long-known effective ingredients but in an innovative way to extract the best from the raw materials. The brand makes every effort to ensure that every smallest element contributing to the final product comes from a verified and sustainable source.

Why us?

100% vegan products,
certified by PETA

Dermatologically tested

chosen packaging made of HDPE plastic,
which is subject of recycling

Products made
in Europe

highest quality of the products
and precise selection of raw materials

a wide range of products in offer,
including a line dedicated for people with allergies

formulas enriched with vitamins,
natural oils and extracts

cosmetics based on a high content
of natural origin ingredients


See for yourself the revolutionary formula of Yokaba cosmetics and join the group of satisfied clients.


We share values such as credibility, openness and responsibility. We are always where you need us – from the moment of purchase to after-sales service.