Nail styling

Pure Vegan Nail Lacquer

Professional line of classic nail polishes. Innovative and unique on the market! Produced from plant-based raw materials – beetroot and sugar cane. Contains 80% of natural ingredients. It’s amazing!

Gentle Delicate hybrid nail polishes

Professional line of UV/LED gel polishes. What makes them different from others? Delicate, non-invasive formula chosen by people with allergies on UV/LED products. It’s easy removal – does not require the use of a nail drill! It’s fantastic!

Gel-Like Base&Top

Professional UV/LED bases and tops are necessary to make a perfect manicure. They are suitable for both hybrid and hybrid-gel varnishes. They protect the plate from external factors and extend the durability of the manicure. You need these products !

NOBLE Hybrid gel UV/LED

Professional line of UV/LED gel polish with a gel consistency. Our bestseller is happily chosen by nail stylists! Based on innovative technology of pigment dispersion, allows to enjoy intense colours of nail styling like never before. It’s great!

Nail Preparation

Professional products for cleaning between successive layers of styling. Starting from the nail dehydrator degreasing the nail plate and ending with removing dispersions and giving shine to the layer of hardened hybrid top. Comprehensive manicure.


Long and strong nails with dream shapes. Professional UV/LED building gels for styling extensions. They spread perfectly on the surface of the nail plate, facilitate the development of a perfect form, do not flood the cuticles. Revelation!

Nail art

Professional products for nail art – gels, pastes. They do not smudge, perfectly pigmented. Each of them will be useful for creating unique motifs: ornaments, thin, straight lines or shaded and structural decorations. You must have them!


Professional products which increase the adhesion of styling – acidic and non-acid. All products are recommended for any type of nail plate, both the problematic. They are ideal for the preparation of a natural plate and for applying products. Must have for every stylist!

Nail tools and accessories

Professional tools and accessories for manicure/pedicure. Energy-saving UV/LED lamps, milling machines, nail drill, drills. Scissors, nippers, but also files of various gradations, polishing blocks and brushes for decorations. All product are helpful  in comfortable work of the stylist.