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Nail Spa

Professional products for the care of cuticles and natural nail plate – conditioners, oils, butter. High content of ingredients of natural origin, satisfying effects, tempting fragrances and properties. You don’t have that at home yet.


Professional line of cosmetics for skin care of the whole body – creams, scrubs. They moisturize, regenerate, nourish.

They have a high content of ingredients of natural origin. They have unique, pleasant, intense fragrances.

They soothe the senses and guarantee a „wow” effect. They are so effective and interesting that customers are eager to reach for more!


Velvety smooth feet. A dream to meet many customers, thanks to our professional line of cosmetics „Podotheraphy” – creams, scrubs.

The ritual of beautiful heels is  necessary in salons and beauty salons. A unique recipe with a high content of ingredients of natural origin.



True euphoria for body and soul! Discover the benefits of each product and feel the euphoria!

Professional repair kit for the natural nail plate.

  • regenerates and nourishes the dorsal layer of the nail plate
  • smoothes the nail plate and the skin around the nail
  • moisturizes the nail plate
  • accelerates the maturation process of kera-tinocytes
  • prevents splitting of nails – increases COHESIA
  • after 4 weeks of use, it causes a significant increase in the thickness of the nail plate that grows back