Professional, vegan gel in a bottle with a brush.

  • Gel speeds up salon work – perfect for refilling gel extension/superstructure nails (refill, so styling up to 21 days)
  • Medium-thick consistency allows effective and quick nail plate superstructure (C curve creation)
  • Easy application without the need to use additional brushes


by a nail drill

Dispersion layer:




up to 21 days

Recommended curing time:

120s in a UV/LED lamp

Recommended bases:


Available colours

How to apply Inception on the natural nail?

1. Step

Begin the nail refill by removing gel and eventual air bubbles with a nail drill or 100/180 file.

2. Step

Dust off nails thoroughly.

3. Step

Wipe the nail plate with Xprep.

4. Step

Apply the adequate Primer to the nail plate needs: Acid, or Non Acid Primer.

5. Step

Apply a small drop of Soft Builder Base or Stone Builder Base Stone Clear 01 on every nail, then rub into the nail plate with the help of a clean, dry gel brush. Cure for 120s under the UV/LED lamp.

6. Step

Using a brush, apply a thin layer of product, combining it with the previously applied and cured base layer. Do not cure.

Apply a larger quantity of product, matching the length of the nail. Cure for 120s under the UV/LED lamp.

7. Step

Wipe the gel dispersion layer and prepare the nail surface using the 180/240 file and the mini matting file.

8. Step

To increase the adhesion, apply the Stone Base Coat 01 clear or Soft Builder Base and cure under the lamp: UV/LED - 120 seconds

9. Step

With gel brush Gel 01, form desired shape and length of the nail with Design or Jelix gel. If You are using EasyAcrylGel remember to soak brush in Prime Cleaner before work. are using EasyAcrylGel remember to soak brush in Prime Cleaner before work.

How to remove Inception?

1. Step

Remove the styling with a ceramic or carbide nail drill.

2. Step

Following, prepare the nail plate for the next nail styling.