Professional, non-leveling
two-phase builder UV/LED gel.

  • in the form of thick jelly, plasticity of consistency ensure stable work near the lateral folds
  • perfect for long extensions, enhancement and construction french
  • elastic and easy to file
  • long lasting and resistant to external factors
  • ideal for both beginners and advanced nail stylists
  • it is possible to pinch the nail tunnel, the gel holds the shape.
  • 30 ml 

Available colours

Step by step

1. Step

Disinfect yours and your client hands.

2. Step

Prepare the nails for the gel styling – file the free edge as short as possible

3. Step

Push back or work on the cuticles.

4. Step

Use the Yokaba Matting Mini File to gently buff the nail plate.

5. Step

Remove the dust and degrease the nail plate with X-PREP Dehydrator.

6. Step

Apply one of the First Bond – Primer No- Acid.

7. Step

Place Yokaba nail forms.

8. Step

To increase the adhesion, apply the Stone Base Coat 01 clear or Soft Builder Base and cure under the lamp: UV/LED - 120 seconds

9. Step

With gel brush Gel 04, form desired shape and length of the nail.

10. Step

Cure under the lamp: UV/LED - 120 seconds

11. Step

Wipe the dispersion layer with Prime Cleanera.

12. Step

Give the desired shape to the nails with a Yokaba file of 100/180 grit.

13. Step

Remove the dust and wipe the nails with a dry cotton swab.

14. Step

You can paint such prepared nails with chosen hybrid nail polish, create a french manicure, or finish the styling by applying Yokaba top coat. Cure under the lamp: UV/LED - 120 seconds

15. Step

Apply the oil on cuticles and it is ready.