Professional gel for removing calloused skin from heels.

  • 97,46% ingredients of natural origin
  • intensely exfoliates
  • thanks to the gel consistency, the preparation is very easy to apply
  • preparation stays in place of application and does not run off the heels
  • significantly accelerates the development of the metatarsal skin and is an excellent preparation before the pedicure treatment
  • Restores the healthy appearance of the feet and makes the skin smooth and silky
  • EFFICIENT: 250 ml of the product It enables about 100 treatments
  • it contains no fragrance


1. Step

Disinfect your hands, put on gloves.

2. Step

Disinfect the client’s feet.

3. Step

Prepare the FOOT FILE with replaceable caps : on one side, apply the 60 grit and the other 120.

4. Step

Apply the preparation on the swab (the amount adequate to the surface of the skin).

5. Step

Put cotton swab on rough skin.

6. Step

Wrap your foot with foil (wait 3-10 minutes depending on the degree of callus).

7. Step

Then remove the foil, wash the preparation with water.

8. Step

Dry your feet.

9. Step

Proceed with the treatment of callous epidermis with a FOOT FILE with replaceable caps , start with gradation 60, then go to gradation 120.

10. Step

For more smooth skin, use PODODISC with gradation 180 or 240.

After the treatment

You can massage Renew Foot cream with silver or Keratolytic Foot Cream with 30% urea into the skin of the feet.